Organizations & Associations

These groups educate the public and survivors, provide resources to families and survivors, some even provide funds to help. They are national, regional and local. All are amazing. Without them individuals who have suffered, and suffer, would be much worse off. Your donations keep them going.

Prevention & Fire Services

The organizations are the leaders in disseminating state of the art prevention methods, and firefighters across the nation, who daily place their own lives at risk, deserve our un-ending standing applause and our help.

Awareness & Education

Not all of these organizations accept donations. Nonetheless, those listed are among the top in reaching, and teaching, the public about the dangers and hazards of burn injuries. The message cannot be given enough: burn injuries are horrible, among the worst anyone can endure, so every single prevention tip, and every single message educating those who see it, is incredibly valuable. Visit these organizations’ websites and learn, and be safe.

Medical Care & Burn Centers

Simply, these amazing people save lives.

Funding is always critical.

Burn Camps

Improving psyche, self-image, self-esteem, providing support, and much more, are the mission of these places where survivors can go, and be among others who know and understand their situations, and where lifelong friendships are made. Funding is always critical.

Complete this form to get a few informational materials from NBPD’s founder. Otherwise, click your area of prevention interest and you can download specific information from one of many national organizations.