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Our Mission

To make a difference in the “burn community” world by helping to provide needed funds for those organizations, associations and others, whose life’s work is dedicated to preventing burn injuries, to educating the public, and to those dedicated to helping those who have suffered from the most horrific and often difficult-to-treat injuries known to medicine.

Our story

Why a "Burn Prevention Day"

NBPD Founder, Attorney Paul Samakow wanted to “do more” than help burn survivors and their families “one-by-one.” The creation of NBPD came as a result of his recognition that funding for the many
organizations seeking to prevent burn injuries – from fires, scalding water, chemicals, etc. – were underfunded.

meet the team

Who We Are

Paul Samakow and his wife Susan


National Burn Prevention Day Founder Paul Samakow is an attorney licensed in Maryland and Virginia, and has a national practice helping burn survivors and their families recover compensation when the burn injuries they suffered were caused by the neglect of others.

Deann Sanders

Community Outreach Director

Deann Sanders, NBPD’s Community Outreach Director, has over twenty years’ experience in working with non-profit organizations, is the liaison for and coordinates with “burn community” organizations, burn camps, fire departments and others whose work is designed to prevent burn injuries or assist those who have suffered.

Vania Yanez

Administrative Director

Vania Yanez, NBPD’s Administrative Director, similarly with over twenty years’ experience in handling all measure of financial matters, oversees the sponsor relationships, the website accuracy and the outreach and promotional efforts to the public.

Our Sponsors

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